Choosing Masonry Materials and Stonemason Edinburgh Companies

Structures built using stone masonry are not unusual in the capital city of Edinburgh. This construction method has been trusted by local builders for many generations for both durability and aesthetic appeal. Various types of construction materials are commonly used in modern-day stone masonry. This includes bricks, concrete blocks, stones, veneer, marble and stucco. This brief article lists down four of the most common types of masonry materials preferred by local stonemason Edinburgh builders to help you choose which would be the right material for you.


This highly durable material has been used in construction since the ancient times, and can be composed of granite, sandstone, limestone and local stones. The material’s quality is determined by its resistance to water and breakage. Stones look very natural and have a timeless appeal. Aside from being very durable, this material is maintenance-free and inexpensive compared to other materials. Stones come in different colors, sizes and textures.


Bricks are among the most trusted building materials throughout history. They are composed of ceramic masonry materials that are shaped in blocks. There are various substances used in bricks, but the principal substance generally used by contemporary stonemason Edinburgh builders is clay. Using clay has several advantages including stability and impact resistance, energy efficiency, low price, low maintenance cost, fire resistance, greater resale value, charming textures and visual appeal. Stone masons use bricks in different types of structures, but the most common is a house. Some bricks are burned to give the house a rustic or antique look.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are considered the most common among all the materials used in stone masonry. Many stonemason Edinburgh builders choose concrete blocks because of several benefits. Aside from being cost-effective, they are environmentally friendly, highly durable and fire resistant. Aside from the fact that they increase structural strength, concrete blocks have greater resale value.


Veneers are composed of small stones and bricks. There are many benefits of using veneers as masonry materials. Aside from being lightweight and affordable, veneers promote effective insulation and are easy to install compared to other materials.

There are many types of masonry materials available in the Edinburgh area, every type has its particular advantages and disadvantages. Having some basic knowledge of these different materials is important, and before you make a final decision, it would be wise to consult with a professional stonemason Edinburgh builder with a reputable name. They will assist you in choosing the most appropriate material for you.