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Wall Raising at Cramond Village

Walling Raising at Cramond Village Raising the Wall in Fletcher Bank Rubble by 700mm to meet health & safety standards to finish with Sheep’s Heid Coping Stones all built in Traditional Lime Mortar

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Stone Restoration of Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy

In Progress. Restoration of a 1637 Stone Property in Kirkcaldy, Fife, replacing 80% of the Stone from the Gable End, with new Rubble, Bandcourse, Crow Steps and Chimney

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Fully Rake Out & Lime Mortar Point the inside of a Cottage

In Progress. So here’s something a little different… Fully Rake Out & Lime Mortar Point the inside of a Cottage, as well as Slapping through three windows to turn into doors.

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Stone Pillars Dressed

Current Works in Progress, Surface Repair to a pair of Stone Pillars dressed in a ‘Droved Finish’ by tooling back the eroded stone to a hard surface, applying coats of Lithomex to then float and shape the splash, finished in the Droved finish mimicking the original stone.

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61 Windows Raked out

61 Windows Raked out, Blocked out and Mastic applied in Traditional Burnt Sand & Linseed Oil Mastic working off a Cherry Picker subcontracted under AGM Interiors Ltd.

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Locharbriggs Red Coping Stone

Locharbriggs Red Coping Stone & Jamb Upright replacement along with getting raked out & Lime Mortar Pointed. Fence & Gates fitted by Fife & Edinburgh Blacksmiths

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Loanstone House full Breaker Rake

Works in Progress, Loanstone House full Breaker Rake then Repoint over 96 Square Meter Gable, Indent works to follow once remainder of cement render has been removed

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On the final stage of East Calder

On the final hurdle of the new Locharbriggs Red Random Rubble Sandstone Wall in East Calder, standing tall at 1800mm high with the Copes to be added next week giving the final height 1990mm, can’t wait to have it finished and pointed up

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Current undertakings in a East Calder

Current undertakings in a East Calder, full Rake & Lime Mortar Pointing, replacing twin Brick & Render Chimneys for Stone, Replacing five cornerstone Quoins then lastly Building a New Wall. Should keep us busy for a while

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Hat trick Client in Succoth Gardens

Another piece finished. Hat trick Client in Succoth Gardens, raising a second wall by 20 linear meters in random mixed rubble wall with dots of Locharbriggs red specked throughout, built and pointed in Traditional Lime Mortar.

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