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Marchmont, Edinburgh Stone Restoration

Stone Replacement works in Marchmont followed by Stone Repair works… Unfortunately clearing the old paint off the building which amusingly uncovered all sorts of colours from over the decades of building ‘freshening up’ from owner to owner, also uncovered four times more Stone Repair (PR’s) than initially thought as well as two more stones to […]

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One last trip to B&Q – Patio Gorgie Edinburgh

Thoughts for the day, a tonne bag doesn’t cover as much as you’d think (and yes it’s bulked up with a layer of hardcore first) and 1 litre covers 25 metres my backside… Ohh well one last trip to B&Q and one more Jewsons order it is then and this job is finished… The things […]

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Job Done – Chimney Blackhall Edinburgh

Job… Done… Or will be once the Granite hearth is cut and placed next week, but that’s an ‘ad on’ original 1930’s bungalow fireplace and chimney breast stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up with reclaimed brick extending the fireplace mouth from 500mm to 700mm with a gorgeous reclaimed Granite lintel instead of the […]

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There’s always the neighbors

There’s always the neighbors to think about… Well a slow start keeping an eye on the pier towers before placing the granite lintel then we were off… Tactical decision to order a chippy and finish later we just finished up there as next door were putting the kids to bed and didn’t want to hear […]

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